Bolwerk 7

Expat services

A bastion, or a bulwark (‘Bolwerk’) is a structure projecting outward from the main enclosure of a fortification. The bastion was designed to offer a full range on which to attack oncoming troops.


In a complex business world with increasing global mobility, Bolwerk7 offers you protection as the bastions did in previous centuries. We measure protection in:
- outstanding quality of tailor-made advice
- strong international network
- compliant with law
- personal relation with clients
- recognised by the tax authorities as a solid provider

In the current economic environment, we can help you to reduce and manage the costs of your international assignments. Tax and financial planning of your mobile employees is obvious. We can offer you, your expatriates and their families professional assistance in dealing with tax, social security and legal regulations and obligations.


Tax law and rules are very complex and differ per country. We have the experience to guide you to be tax-compliant in the countries to which you have assigned your employees.

Our professionals all have Big 4 experience and offer you tailor-made expat solutions to manage your talented workforce. Ultimately they understand it is all about your people!

Our expat services include:

Advisory services (international and national)

  • Pro forma gross/net calculations
  • Advice on and implementation of salary split
  • Advice on residency, fiscal, social security and pension position of assignees and commuters
  • (Split) payroll implementation
  • Social security planning
  • Pension planning
  • Estate planning
  • Equity compensation
  • Dutch wage tax


Compliance services

  • Application / collection tax number (BSN number)
  • Preparation income tax return
  • Application 30% ruling
  • Application statement of social security coverage
  • Application of voluntary Dutch social security
  • Hypotax / Tax equalisation calculations


Payroll services

  • International (split) payroll
  • Registration with the appropriate authorities
  • Preparation monthly payroll output
  • Monthly filing of the wage tax return
  • Coordination various insurances


Human Resources support

  • Employment contracts
  • Assignment contracts
  • Design, review and implementation international assignment policies
  • Employee benefits
  • Work and residence permits


For expat services contact Edwin van Overmeire (